How is LVT Made?

LVT, or Luxury Vinyl Tile, is made by combining multiple layers of materials to create a flooring that looks and feels like hardwood. It is designed to look like hardwood but is actually much more durable and water-resistant.  It’s often used in high-traffic areas because it’s easy to maintain.  LVT is made using several materials,…

Luxury Vinyl Tile

LVT Tips & Tricks

Looking to update your flooring with something stylish and durable? A Luxury Vinyl Tile (LVT) may be the perfect option for you. If you’re considering installing Luxury Vinyl Tile flooring in your home, you’re in for a treat! This type of flooring is versatile, durable, and stylish. But before you start shopping for LVT, be…


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Ceiling Tiles Increase energy efficiency, comfort, and sound absorption with our range of ceiling tiles and panels. Great for homes, offices, retail, schools, and more. Good ceiling tiles absorb sound, reduce echos, and prevent sound from traveling to nearby spaces. We have a wide variety of great ceiling tiles that combine form, function, and design.…