Everything You Need to Know About Ceiling Tiles

Suspended ceiling vs drywall vs staple-up

Simply put, suspended and decorative ceilings are more functional than drywall. Here’s how…

Acousticceiling tiless

Did you know that a basic acoustic ceiling tile absorbs 10x as much unwanted noise as drywall?
Most ceiling tiles have excellent acoustic properties from sound absorption to blocking or both.
Improve the sound quality in any room of your home by eliminating unwanted noise which takes the form of
sound traveling from level to level, or turn movie nights into a truly special experience with our wide array
acoustic ceiling tiles to help control sound levels within your viewing room.

ceiling tile panelsAccessibility

A major side benefit of having a suspended ceiling in your home is accessibility to the plenum or space between
floor and ceiling. With a drywall ceiling, it is a major repair job to get at a leaky pipe or other issue,
which comes with a major repair expense. With a suspended ceiling you can easily remove or replace a tile
without the inconvenience and cost of having to pay someone to tear your ceiling apart.


Sometimes maintenance is of utmost importance, especially in your kitchen. We have the products which are
widely used in commercial kitchens for their easy washability.

Aestheticsceiling tile aesthetics

Sometimes you may want nothing more than a ceiling that will ‘Wow’ your friends and neighbors. We have you
covered there as well, with Manitoba’s largest selection of decorative tin, plastic and gypsum ceiling
products. The only limit is your imagination.
Our friendly, knowledgeable, experienced staff are here to turn your vision of an ideal ceiling into
reality. Why put up with excess noise or a dated ceiling with the modern options available to turn your
living space into a beautiful, functional area.