Ceiling Products & T-Bars:

Most of the ceiling panels we offer are made out of mineral fibers.
Mineral Fiber Ceiling Panels:
Mineral fiber ceiling panel is a high-grade interiors decorative material with the slag fiber as the main raw material. It has undergone the process of burdening, forming, drying, cutting, surface finishing and spray coating after being added with additive. It has beautiful, novel and elegant esthetic decorative effect and the anti-fire rating, acoustic absorption and environmental protection excellent internal properties.

Mineral fiber product features:

  • Environment protection
  • Light weight and high strength
  • Easy installation
  • Decorative
  • Flame proof
  • Acoustic absorption
  • Moisture resistance
  • And many more….

There are 3 different ceiling tile manufacturers who compete with each other by manufacturing similar look and feature ceiling panels.

Please follow the links below for information regarding available Ceiling product options,material safety data sheets, application information, and more.

  • Certainteed Ceiling Panels & T-Bars:

  • CGC Ceiling Panels & T-Bars:

Armstrong Ceiling Panels & T-Bars:

  • Commercial Ceilings:

  • Residential Ceilings:

  • Acoustical Wall Panels:

We are a supplier of acoustical wall panels. Wall Panels are custom tailored to project specifications. All the panels are custom fabricated and offered in a variety of sizes, geometric shapes, curves, thicknessess and finishes. These fabric wrapped panels are a great way to help cut down noise from leaving certain spaces. Example: music rooms, offices, home theatres etc…  Installation is a breeze also with hanging clips that require minimal screws for mounting.

  • Eggcrate and Parabolics:

We stock standard white eggcrate as well as standard silver parabolic light lenses and many other types. whether you want a custom cell sized lens or an aluminum eggcrate, let us know and we’ll do our very best to find it.

  • FRP(Fiber Glass Reinforced Panel):

We supply FRP panels, trims and adhesives. Standard FRP sizes are 4’x8′ and 4’x10′, trims come in 10′ lengths. FRP offers a number of significant features including resistance to mould, mildew, bacteria growth, abuse resistant, low maintenance required, sanitary finish, stain and chemical resistant and easy installation. Whether you are doing a kitchen or a washroom, commercial or residential, FRP is your best bet.

  • Hanger Wire:

We stock and supply hanger wire for your suspended acoustical ceiling system. Whether your project is commercial or residential, we got the right wire for your project. Let us know how we can help get your project started. Hanger wire comes in 2 different types ready to use for suspended ceilings:

  1. #18 gauge hanger wire (Residential) comes in 27″ long pieces, 40 strands per bundle and it is sold by the bundle.
  2. #12 gauge hanger wire (Commercial) comes in 12′ long pieces, sold by the pound (each pound contains 3 strands) or in full bundles as each bundle contains 144 strands which is 50 lbs per full bundle..


  • Fasteners:

Need to hang your ceiling? We carry the fastener you need to hang your ceiling safely and securely. wther you are screwing into metal, concrete or wood, let us provide you the right fsatener for the right application.

  • Tectum:

Trying to stop undesirable noise from leaving a school gymnasium or a music room? Tectum is an effective sound solution. Abuse resistant, light weight and easy to install. Standard sizes are 4’x8′, 4’x10′ and 4’x12′ and come in Natural or White finishs. Tectum can be painted up to six times without losing any acoustical value.

  • Tin Ceilings:

Going for that old style look that’s not easy to re-create, Tin ceilings might be the answer. These panels are 2’x2′ for easy installation. They can be nailed, screwed, glued or put into the T-Bar system. With 8 finishes and endless pattern options to choose from going old might not be so bad after all. Come by our showroom to see the different panels we can provide you with.


  • Faux Tin Ceilings & Accessories :


Fasade Panels

Decorative Thermoplastic Panels

Fasade decorative thermoplastic panels add beauty and value to walls, ceiling or kitchen backsplash. With countless style and finish combinations available, they are an elegant, cost-effective way to revitalize any interior.


  • Aspect

Peel & Stick Tiles

Available in a variety of unique colors and styles, Aspect metal, glass, stone and wood tiles add elegance to any space. With easy, peel and stick application, they offer an affordable alternative to high-end installations.


  • Genesis

Waterproof Ceiling Panels

Manufactured from PVC with a smooth or decorative embossed surface texture, Genesis panels solve the problems of water damage and mold or mildew traditionally experienced with fiber-based lay-in panels. They’re the last ceiling panel you’ll ever need to buy.


  • Ceiling Max

Surface Mount Grid System

With its innovative snap in technology, CeilingMAX easily mounts your ceiling to any surface?gaining headroom, flexibility and quick installation. Made of easy-to-cut and use high-grade PVC, CeilingMAX is available in a wide range of colors and finishes.


  • Grid Max

Ceiling Grid Covers

GridMAX Vinyl Grid Covers snap right over existing ceiling grids. Cover up rusted, worn, scratched or discolored grids. These low-cost covers are available in 18 colors. Save time and money by simply snapping the components over the grid for a fresh, new look.


  • HG-Grid

Vinyl Suspension System

Designed to handle high-humidity rooms, HG-Grid vinyl suspension system installs easier than other systems and offers more options. HG-Grid never rusts or shows scratches and is made of easy-to-cut high-grade PVC, which is available in a variety of finishes.


Ceiling tiles in Canada are commonly used for various applications.
First application is decorative and is usually installed in residential and commercial buildings. Decorative ceiling tiles are usually made of plastic material, plaster, mineral fiber or metal and is installed using Lay-In, gluing and/or nailing of the tiles to the ceiling.
Second application is industrial and it usually requires the tiles to be noise absorbing and sound proofing, therefore, it is made of more solid materials such as metal, mineral fiber, rock-wool, cast, purolite, etc. The ceiling tiles could be applied separately or a part of a tailored ceiling system.

In food plants and food preparation areas such as restaurants, ceiling systems are carefully planned to prevent contamination and adulation of food products according to Health Canada regulations. The ceiling tiles must be carefully selected and the ceiling system must be carefully engineered to not spoil the food products physically, chemically and micro-biologically, to make the unsafe environment for human consumption.

Flooring Products:

We are committed to offering residential and commercial property owners the finest brands of Carpets, Hardwood floors, VCT, Bamboo, Cork, Laminate flooring, Ceramic tiles, Luxury Vinyl Planks & Tiles and a wide variety of vinyl and linoleum floorings. Our highly trained installers will make sure you do not have to worry.
Our customers will get the best quality, value and service. We offer a friendly no pressure atmosphere. Our showroom features large display of floorings to help you visualize your selection. We have a wide variety of samples available for our customers to take home for a couple of days, so they are sure of the choice they make, since there are lots to choose from such as Mohawk, Shaw, Armstrong, Mannington, Bruce, Shnier, Tarkett and many more.

Please follow the links below for information regarding available Flooring product options, material safety data sheets, installation instructions, application information, and more.

  • Mohawk:

  • Shaw:

  • Armstrong:

  • Bruce:

  • Shnier:

  • Tarkett:
  1. Tarkett Commercial:

  • Kraus:

  • Gulistan:

  • Ceratec:


  • GoodFellow Inc:


  • Mannington Residential & Commercial Floors:

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